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Worcester, MA Fairytale Ball.{11/20th}

Purchase Tickets Here Join us for the most magical event of the year, featuring all your favorite princesses!

Event Details: Royal Entrance, Princess Vocal Performance, Princess Dance Performance, Meet&Greet, Crafts, Games, Portraits, Princess Parade, Pixie Wishes, Sing-A-Long, Autographs, and Coronation Ceremony

What to Expect?

This Pretty Princess Parties event begins with the Fairytale Princess Entrance of our Fairytale Friends. This is followed by a vocal performance and a dance performance featuring our princesses. Once our warm-up time is complete, the ball goes into full swing! The Fairytale Ball is FULL of princess interactions - photos, autographs, hugs, crafts, games and more! We Princess Promise your little one will have the opportunity to meet each and every character in attendance. To ensure everyone gets all the photos and hugs they need, the final 20 minutes of the ball are dedicated to "Love&Goodbyes" so no one feels like they need to rush out the door! Our event is created to please each and every guest, and we know you'll go home with a smile on your face and love in your heart!

How to Prepare?

Bring your camera and a smile! Charge your phone beforehand. We recommend your little one gets a good night's sleep/nap the day of the event. We also suggest eating something filling before arriving, this way you will be set for all the fun ahead!

What to Wear?

Little ones are encouraged to wear their favorite princess dress or costume. Please let them wear something they feel comfortable and happy in! Adults should think "Sunday's Best" when getting dressed! We see everything from dresses to nice jeans.

Check In:

Please have your ticket or order number ready for check-ins. Everyone MUST have purchased tickets ahead of time to attend. We will not allow those without tickets to enter. Our only exception is children under 12 months. Children under 12 months may attend for FREE when accompanied by a paid adult/child pair. We suggest coming 10 minutes early to make sure you are able to enjoy this full event- please check venue parking before arriving. Each venue is different, so you are welcome to call ahead.

Tips for Success:

Once in a while, in all of the excitement, we need a parental figure to step in and help with a child. If you see that one of the guests is interfering with a game or preventing things from running smoothly, we ask that the parent or any other adult figure take care of the matter. Our princesses are not to be considered babysitters, or caretakers, in any way. You must stay for the duration of this event, and ensure your child is having a safe and comfortable experience. Our princesses want to give each and every child their "magical moment." Please do not rush our performers to take photos faster, or speed up interactions. If you are disruptive of the Fairytale Ball event in any way, you may be asked to leave. No refunds will be given.

Join the princesses for stories, dances, vocal performances, games, crafts and more! Enjoy creating memories as you meet each princess in attendance. Each guest will have the opportunity to take photos, share hugs, and get to know their favorite fairytale friend. Our events are structured to include group activities and individual interaction with the characters in attendance. We have been voted #1 Princess Event by moms nationwide.

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