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Warrior Princess

1 hour 30 min Package - $410

Along with everything stated in our 1 hour package but built to accommodate 20 children.

2 hour Package - $505

Make-over:  Along with everything stated up in our 1 and 1.5 package our Princess will give all guests a royal princess make over! 

Faced with the decision of choosing between staying home or fighting in her father's place, this warrior sets off on an adventure in order to restore honor to her family and save her country. 

To hear more about her tale, book our Warrior Princess today!

1 hour Package - $315

Grand Entrance:  Our characters are big on grand entrances. Whether you want the birthday visit to be a surprise or have a wow factor our actors are trained to make the experience unforgettable. 


Photo ops: All guests will have the chance to take photos with our character, yes even the adults!


Musical Entertainment:  Listen to our Warrior sing some of her favorite songs and play games such as freeze dance.


Activity:  Enjoy an activity such as hearing a story from our Warrior Princess!


Happy Birthday: Our character will be present to sing happy birthday when the cake is presented with guests! During this our Warrior will present a special gift for the birthday child complete with a certificate, making them an honorary Princess!

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