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Encanto Listener

We are TIGHT on availability! 

Book asap!

1 hr 30 min Package - $410

Along with everything stated in our 1 hour package but built to accommodate 20 children.

2 hour Package - $505

Make-over:  Along with everything stated up in our 1 and 1.5 package our Listener will give all guests a fun makeover!

Ante la decisión de elegir entre quedarse en casa o pelear en el lugar de su padre. Esta guerrera emprende una aventura para devolver el honor a su familia y salvar su país.

Para escuchar más sobre su historia, ¡reserve hoy a nuestra Princesa Guerrera para escuchar el final!

1 hour Package - $315

Grand Entrance:  Our characters are big on grand entrances. Whether you want the birthday visit to be a surprise or have a wow factor our actors are trained to make the experience unforgettable. 


Photo ops: All guests will have the chance to take photos with our character, yes even the adults!


Musical Entertainment:  Listen this Casita Cousin sing some of her favorite songs and play games such as telephone and freeze dance!


Activity:  Enjoy an activity such as hearing a story from our Listener!


Happy Birthday: Our character will be present to sing happy birthday when the cake is presented with guests! During this our Listener will present a special gift for the birthday child complete with a certificate, making them an honorary candle protector!

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